Entrust us with your shipments

We pull out all the stops to ship your goods to your deadline.

Competent staff

Our team of well-qualified, professional drivers have all had special training with our firm. This means we can guarantee the safe delivery of your products.

Our staff are at your service to deliver your goods within your timeframe, whatever the quantities.

Ensuring top-quality service

To ensure the best possible service, your goods are insured to a value of up to €125,000 when in one of our HGVs, and €30,000 when stored in one of our vans.

At your service, always and everywhere

We ship food and pharmaceuticals, emphasising our punctuality and your satisfaction. We are available in Belgium and neighbouring countries: France, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and the UK.

Please reach out to our team if you would like a free estimate. You can also use the form to book your shipment .